First Birthday! | Peyton Brooke

This event was so special to me.  Not only because I love planning birthday parties, but because this sweet little girl is the daughter of my oldest and dearest friends, Rebecca. Becca and I first met in the high school locker room in 9th grade at basketball tryouts. We were changing for the first day of tryouts when a tall, dark-haired girl with some serious eyebrows yelled ‘does anyone have any deoderant?!’ I, with my thick bangs said “‘I do! You can use mine!!!’ and that was all she wrote.  This was ELEVEN years ago (!!!) Since that day we have been a constant in each other’s lives, sharing sleepovers, vacations, college memories, and also having babies a mere five months apart.  How cute are these two, by the way? (If you have any interest in reading about the adventures of my sweet boy, you can always head over to Baby Lately. :))

Anyway, when Rebecca sought out my help in putting things together for this momentous, once-in-a-lifetime occasion, I jumped, no I leaped at the opportunity! We started  out by choosing a theme - Becca settled on a S’mores/Campfire theme for the November birthday, and we brainstormed so many great ideas. Becca bought so many flavors of marshmallow and all different chocolates and graham crackers, and we set up a beautiful spread:

I have to note that everything for this party was DIY. Rebecca and I spent last Sunday making cake balls:

and Candy Apples

And hanging Pom Poms

And a Balloon Wreath

Becca also made a sweet little plate from  her and Peyton’s Daddy to commemorate the day:

Becca chose a sparkler in the shape of a 1 for the candle on the cake, it was awesome!

There was also a chili bar, and fire pit outside for s’mores! All together it was such a special day for little Peyton and her family. When it comes to birthdays, DIY is a great, and affordable option! Happy first birthday sweet girl, I love you!


None! All planning & prepping was done by CK Events and Peyton’s sweet, sweet mama!